How To Store Your Leftover Wines

The party is over. Your guests are on their way home. Time to clean up and then you see bottles of leftover wines. It is easy just to throw them away, but it will be a total waste especially if they were good quality wines.

Did you know that you could still enjoy the leftover wine within the next two days after opening the bottle? It is possible as long as you ensure that you store the leftover wine properly. Here are some tips to store your leftover wines.


Air affects the aging of the wine.… Read the rest

How To Appreciate Your Wine

Wine is an artistic drink. Unlike other drinks that just goes through the mouth, wine needs to be seen, smelled, felt and tasted. It needs to go through our different senses to be appreciated.

Wine tasting could be very daunting to the uninitiated. There are so many terminologies and rituals that should be learned. It could be intimidating but knowing the basics will make you realize that it is not that hard.

It is amazing how one grape, given the right conditions, could turn into a masterfully crafted drink. The wine tasting activity takes a person to journey to discover the flavors and scents that wine possess.… Read the rest

Reading Wine Articles Online

I have never thought of myself as an expert; I am merely just a person who enjoys the occasional glasses of wine and writing about it, or whatever I had on my mind at the time. Because of this, I have taken it upon myself to keep learning and reading about the subject of my blog. While I do of course try to experience things first hand as much as I can, I also take a look at the work of my peers.

One interesting article I read was the effects of pesticides on wine, such as how it is thought to be dangerous for the body, and how it could change the taste of wine.… Read the rest

Exterminators in My Wine Cellar

I had the most terrible ordeal this last month; I had discovered that there were pests living in my wine cellar. If my home were a restaurant, I would have demanded the health department to shut down the establishment and made sure that those responsible for the neglect never be able to work in the restaurant business ever again.  Luckily enough a friend of mine recommended a really good pest control company.

I was devastated to discover that the place where I keep my treasured wine collection was actually home to those dirty pests.… Read the rest

How To Keep Your Wine Cellar Clean And Pest-Free

Owning a wine cellar at home is something to be proud of. It is a terrific conversational piece, and the thought of having a cave full of wine right in the comfort of your home is truly satisfying. However, it cannot be denied that it is expensive and high-maintenance. Keeping the right temperature and basic upkeep of the cellar can be burdensome.

But a true wine connoisseur will see it as nothing. To them, maintaining a wine cellar is as simple as having a spare room for a favorite hobby. My grandfather was this type of person.… Read the rest

How To Have A Wine Tasting Party At Home

We enjoy hosting a wine tasting in our home. We like to be around friends enjoying our most favorite thing in the world–wines. We often have the event once a year during the winter season, depending on everyone’s availability.

We were supposed to have our annual wine tasting last December. However, we were unable to push through because we needed to prioritize the professional pest treatment for our home. Our house is in Denver, and I already saw a couple of earwigs on our exterior walls. Our regular pest control service provider already called us last November to schedule it, but we were too busy.… Read the rest