Exterminators in My Wine Cellar

I had the most terrible ordeal this last month; I had discovered that there were pests living in my wine cellar. If my home were a restaurant, I would have demanded the health department to shut down the establishment and made sure that those responsible for the neglect never be able to work in the restaurant business ever again.  Luckily enough a friend of mine recommended a really good pest control company.

I was devastated to discover that the place where I keep my treasured wine collection was actually home to those dirty pests. I thought myself lucky to have a passion for wine rather than cheese; else I would have been whipped out.

Admittedly, this was a fault of my own; I had neglected some parts of my cellar, a mistake that I will no longer make. I have hired a maid service to make sure that no such thing would happen a second time, as this is a blotch on what would have been a spotless record of cleanliness.

Fortunately enough, I was able to evict the unwelcome guests before any damage was done to my collection or home. Of course, a few things here and there were chewed on, but nothing of importance and can easily be replaced. Overall the exterminators did an excellent job of getting rid of the little devils.

Their service was quick and professional, so much so that I would recommend them to my friend and colleagues if they ever need the services. I kept their contact details handy just in case the pests would decide to try returning. Their recommendation was that I would at least call them back every quarter or so for preventive maintenance, an offer that I think would be necessary in order to make sure that everything would remain in the best condition.

Lesson Learned

I have learned that no part of the house, however so seldom do I visit or use, should be left neglected. I will make sure that cleaning will be done at least twice a month to make sure that nothing would make it into its new dwelling.

This experience should also be a lesson to all my readers, if you want a house free from pests, you should make sure to get everything part of the house cleaned, from the basement to the attic.


Thank you for reading my rant about my terrible ordeal, even though it’s a bit off topic from our usual, I thought it would be an important lesson for all of us, as cleanliness is important when it comes to food and beverage handling. The smallest dust could affect the overall quality of your wine and food!

Worry not, though! as the next entry will be back to our usual topic of our wine how to’s and recommended varieties and bottles. Until then Have a great day and keep well! Cheers!