How To Have A Wine Tasting Party At Home

We enjoy hosting a wine tasting in our home. We like to be around friends enjoying our most favorite thing in the world–wines. We often have the event once a year during the winter season, depending on everyone’s availability.

We were supposed to have our annual wine tasting last December. However, we were unable to push through because we needed to prioritize the professional pest treatment for our home. Our house is in Denver, and I already saw a couple of earwigs on our exterior walls. Our regular pest control service provider already called us last November to schedule it, but we were too busy. Next time, we will heed their advice. They are an expert on these things.

So this month, we will resume our canceled wine tasting event, and I’d like to take advantage of this time to share with you what I do when I prepare for a wine tasting event at home. It is easier than preparing for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Choose Your Theme

Having a theme helps succeeding decisions easier. A theme will help you visualize how you want your event and what wines you want to prepare. Wine tasting ideas could be something from tasting all the labels of a vineyard or picking a region and tasting wine varietals from there. There are just examples. Some people opts something like a wine potluck, where everyone attending will bring their selected wine.

Ten Is A Crowd

I know you have friends, relatives, and acquaintances that will benefit and enjoy a wine tasting at home. However, keeping your guests to a maximum of ten will help maintain the focus on the wine. It is also hard to talk to several people at the same time. And practically speaking, you have to spend more wine to accommodate a lot of individuals in your wine tasting.

Prepare the goods

Make sure that the wine of your choice is available. Order it ahead of time to avoid the stress of looking for it at the last minute. Make sure that you purchase enough wine for your guests. For wine tasting, a bottle of wine could serve six to ten guests.

Next, prepare the things that you will need.

  • Glassware. Try to allow two glasses per guest so that they can compare two wines at a time.
  • A wine opener and an extra to make sure you have a back-up.
  • A spittoon where your guest can spit wine.
  • An ice bucket to keep the wines chilled.
  • A tasting grid for taking notes.
  • Bread or crackers to clean the palate in between tasting.
  • White napkins for cleaning up and to serve as background for the wine so that the color can be appreciated better.

After party food

You do not have to offer something fancy. Just something enough to cap the wine tasting like a dessert or something to help absorb the alcohol.

These are the quick things I prepare on our wine tasting events. As you can see, it is easy and will surely give your guests something to look forward to next time.