How To Keep Your Wine Cellar Clean And Pest-Free

Owning a wine cellar at home is something to be proud of. It is a terrific conversational piece, and the thought of having a cave full of wine right in the comfort of your home is truly satisfying. However, it cannot be denied that it is expensive and high-maintenance. Keeping the right temperature and basic upkeep of the cellar can be burdensome.

But a true wine connoisseur will see it as nothing. To them, maintaining a wine cellar is as simple as having a spare room for a favorite hobby. My grandfather was this type of person. He cherished his wine cellar and had personally kept it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, he fell ill, and the care of the wine cellar fell on my shoulders.

I absolutely have no idea what to do. I have a good understanding of wines, but not maintaining a traditional underground home cellar. Soon, it started to look like a crypt. There were spider webs everywhere in spite of regular spot cleaning. I also worried that pests, such as rodents and roaches, and molds would soon come into the picture.

So, I immediately called my preferred pest control company. There are a lot of pest control companies around San Jose, but I always go back to this company because of their professional yet friendly approach to dealing with their customers. Plus the fact that their pest control methods work.

I can’t understand why it took me a week to get their service! They discovered that my worries about pests and molds have started to creep in. Good thing, they were able to resolve the issue before it turns for the worse. I do not want my grandpa to come home to a wine cellar full of pest problems. Although not everyone has a cellar to worry about, be sure to have a pest control service at hand for other pest problems in your homes. Here is a website of a pest control provider that I’m subscribed to.

As advised by the pest control guys, prevention is key when it comes to pest control. So here are some useful cellar care tips to keep it sparkly clean and pest-free.

  • Dusting 

This is actually self-explanatory, but some people like me, only dust the large visible section of the cellar. Do not forget to dust the wine racks and bottles, too. You can use a damp rug but make sure you dry excess moisture before you move on to the other sections of your cellar.

  • Check For Molds And Other Pests 

Wine cellars are prone to molds because of the controlled temperature and darkness. You will find it easier to stop them before they cover the entirety of your cellar. You can clear molds growing on your bottles by using a damp cloth with a natural mold solution made of one part water and one part vinegar. As always, dry any excess moisture before placing them back on the racks.

As for other pests such as rodents, you will usually stumble upon droppings and nesting materials as you clean up the cellar.

Molds and rat droppings are dangerous to our health so if you see a lot of them around your cellar, call the pest control company immediately.

  • Polishing 

This procedure is optional, but for people like my grandpa, they like it shiny. Another advantage of polishing is that some wood polishers contain ingredients that can help protect the wood.

The application is pretty easy. After dusting, thinly apply some wood polish to your wine racks. Let it dry and be fully absorbed by the wood before you put your wine bottles back.

Hope these tips help you in keeping your wine cellar nice and cozy. Cheers!