How To Store Your Leftover Wines

The party is over. Your guests are on their way home. Time to clean up and then you see bottles of leftover wines. It is easy just to throw them away, but it will be a total waste especially if they were good quality wines.

Did you know that you could still enjoy the leftover wine within the next two days after opening the bottle? It is possible as long as you ensure that you store the leftover wine properly. Here are some tips to store your leftover wines.


Air affects the aging of the wine. The more air, the faster the aging process, resulting in significant deterioration of the wine’s taste. It is helpful to transfer the wine to a smaller container, such as a half bottle, to minimize the air that could affect the wine. You can purchase half bottle wines from your local wine stores. Just consume the wine from the half bottle. I am sure it will not be that hard because half bottles contain 375ml of wine only.

Once the wine has been consumed, rinse the half bottle with water and dry it. Use a funnel when you transfer the leftover wine to the half bottle and seal it tightly using cork, screw cap or a saran wrap. The key here is to seal it really tight.


If you do not have an available half bottle wine, you can just use the original bottle and re-cork it. Do not reverse the cork because the exposed side that might have some dirt that could damage the wine. After sealing the bottle, you can refrigerate it.

Do not leave the wine under room temperature especially when the bottle has been opened already. The warm temperature would speed up the deterioration of the wine thereby affecting the taste.

Buy a specialized corkscrew

There is a new kind of corkscrews that will allow you to pour wine without pulling out the cork. This corkscrew would come in handy especially when you want to get just a glass of wine from a regular-sized wine bottle.

You just need to place the corkscrew so that its needle can pierce through the cork. It is just a small incision and will not damage the cork. Once the needle is in, you need to tilt the bottle to a 45-degree angle and press and release the corkscrews trigger to pour the wine into your glass. When you had your fill, you need to pull the corkscrew straight up to remove it. The small hole in the cork from the corkscrew will seal again ensuring that the precious wine will be preserved as if it has not been opened yet.


If you are still able, you can just drink it right away. It will be better if you have a friend with whom you can share it. In spite of this advice, remember to always drink in moderation and responsibly.

These tips will give you a maximum of two days to finish the leftover wine. Remember, once the bottle has been opened, your wine has already been exposed to the elements that speed up its deterioration.