My Top 5 Wines

I will not name specific brands but if you are going for red wines, here are the most common red wines that should be in your wine selection.

Shiraz or Syrah

This is grown in warmer climates such as California, Australia, France and Italy. The difference in name is only based on its origin. It is called Shiraz if it originates from Australia while it is called Syrah if it is from another region

The Shiraz is your choice if you want your wine fruity with an undertone of pepper. It matches best with meats, venison, duck, sausages, tuna, and mushrooms.

Pinot Noir

The name came from the French words for black and pine. It’s not because the wine tastes like pine. It is because the grapes where the wine came from looks like pine cones. The grape used to make this wine grows in cold regions such as Germany, Burgundy in France, and New Zealand. However, it can also thrive in California where it is a bit warmer, resulting in a slightly different taste.

This type of wine matches with many protein-rich foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, tuna, and salmon among other.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the most traditional red wine, and it is easy to understand because of it is a full-bodied flavor. This type of wine is paired best with steaks, barbecues, grilled or roasted lamb. Anything meaty and hearty can match with this wine.


This is the friendliest wine because it is not too full-bodied and its fruitiness does not mean being sweet. The flavor is still intense but milder on the palate.

This wine paired well with grilled meats and tomato-based dishes.


The flavor of this wine varies on where it was grown and how it was processed. It tastes of fruits like berries and plums. This wine goes well with beef and lamb.

There are other varietals, but you can’t go wrong when you serve any of this to your meals. Enjoy!