Reading Wine Articles Online

I have never thought of myself as an expert; I am merely just a person who enjoys the occasional glasses of wine and writing about it, or whatever I had on my mind at the time. Because of this, I have taken it upon myself to keep learning and reading about the subject of my blog. While I do of course try to experience things first hand as much as I can, I also take a look at the work of my peers.

One interesting article I read was the effects of pesticides on wine, such as how it is thought to be dangerous for the body, and how it could change the taste of wine. I called up a relative working at a Pest Control Company Loveland and asked about the possible harmful effects of pesticides found in some wine. He told me that unless someone intentionally put a significant amount of pesticide in my wine; that I shouldn’t worry since some chemicals reported were in the parts per millions. It would take a lot of bottles of wine for those trace amounts to even show some effect, and before I would reach that, I would probably be on the floor sleeping drunk.